Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cheshire, Berkshire and Leicestershire Lead the Way

Just a brief update to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Our membership now stands at 125 sites.

For everyone out there who has followed and shared this initiative so far, THANK YOU.

For those that have, or are in the process of joining - together, we really can move mountains for nature.

Special mention has to go to the "bloggers" and "birders" of Cheshire who are banging the drum for this network. These committed volunteers have an intimate knowledge of the State of Wildlife on their local patches, and this can now be utilised through MMNN to halt the decline of species and help the U.K meet it's biodiversity targets.

Special mention, also to council officers in Berkshire and Leicestershire, who have seen MMNN as a way to help meet targets for the protection of biodiversity in their local communities.

Coordinated surveying that breathes life into old data sets and creates new trend data for assessing performance will add to the efficient use of council resources, but will also provide more status and distribution data to the national wildlife organisations that are working so hard to protect and halt the decline in the U.K's wildlife.

Contact from Canada raises hope for sister sites to rise in other countries, so that we can join hands in a peaceful and protective way.

I have started work on local initiatives, involving raising awareness of our cause, through schools.

MMNN has risen and now lets see where this exciting journey takes us all.

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