Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bournemouth Local Nature Network - due to launch soon!! Register your interest NOW and help "The State of Nature"

Now that the mapping of Bournemouth (defined as the 18 wards, falling under Bournemouth Borough Council), is well under way, MMNN is inviting members of the following "groups" to register their interest in becoming part of the MMNN- Bournemouth Local Nature Network:

Local wildlife clubs,
Regional/County wildlife recorders,
Local sections of the National Wildlife Organisations,
Wildlife "bloggers",
Garden Wildlife recorders (and "bloggers",)
"Patch" watchers who record wildlife in the Borough
"Friends of" and Parish wildlife groups,
Local wildlife/ecology experts,
Council Parks and Biodiversity teams,
Parks and their Rangers,
Wildlife Reserves and their Wardens,
Leisure Services providers,
Conservation volunteers and Volunteer Groups,
Wildlife-friendly nurseries, schools and Colleges together with students/ groups from Bournemouth University.
Places of Worship, with an active local wildlife policy,
Green Local Press and other media,
Museums and Zoos,
Pro wildlife and visitor-friendly farms,
Outdoor Activity Centres,
Youth Hostels,
Environmentally friendly local businesses or businesses that simply want to help protect their local wildlife and green spaces.
Arts and Culture - if you can "tap on" to the amazing energy of Biophilia, you are an important component our our local networks. Please get involved!!

This list is by no means exhaustive, so any other individual or organisation can register to get involved and help promote wildlife conservation, awareness and recording in the area.

We also need help from the children of Bournemouth!! Please ask your school, mum or dad to
e-mail your wildlife pictures to us, and we will include them all across our pages.

We will also be asking children to design a logo that MMNN will use as it's official emblem.

To register your interest in the MMNN- Bournemouth Local Nature Network or send pictures, simply e-mail us at

Join MMNN today!!..... Together, we really CAN make a difference to "The State of Nature" in the UK.

Thank you.

1st November 2013 - I just have to say a massive thank you to the wonderful people and caring organisations of Bournemouth!! As we are mapping the area, we are coming across a range of beautiful, gifted and committed people. It is an absolute pleasure working with you all, and thank you for your interest in this network. There is a lot of work still to be done, but we hope to have got round you all soon.

MMNN -  Ipswich, Cheshire, Leicester and York Local Nature Networks coming soon!!!

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  1. this seems to be what is needed by the smaller, often overlooked nature reserves in dorset. hopefully we can bring people together to promote and protect those sites that dont have higher profile with councils. tourism led.