Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Progress Report : Beauty of Bournemouth and 14 Local Nature Networks for 2014 - a change in our path!


We are making good progress with the mapping of Bournemouth.

Our aim was to enhance the pride in the local community, for it's parks and reserves. But, since starting our first tangible project, I have had to widen that aim slightly!

Bournemouth has a passion for life, learning, local business and tourism. My aim was to help nature here, but in the process I am falling in love with the world again!

For months now, I have seen on a daily basis, evidence that shows just how much the U.K's wildlife is in trouble. World data and reports have been added to this, giving a sad picture, as to what mankind is doing to our beautiful planet.

Whilst writing this progress report the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) produced the Red list 2013: threatened species across the regions of the world.

71,576 species have been assessed, of which 21,286 are threatened with extinction according to the international organisation.

So where is the hope? 

Energy! Not one that clouds our planet, but a pure energy. 

I am finding it in students studying at Bournemouth University who simply love life and the world. I am finding it in the massive pool of volunteers, who give, with their whole hearts everyday to a good cause. I am seeing it in the businesses of Bournemouth, who care not just for the bottom line, but also for the beauty and future of this enchanting coastal community. 

Whilst first watching the film Avatar, I slipped into a child's world of fantasy as I watched the seeds from the Tree of Souls.

We may not see it, but it does exist. We call it biophilia: an instinctive connection with the beauty and magic of mother nature.

I feel it in Bournemouth. All it takes is a warm glow and the power is woven into a beautiful shield over the parks and reserves.

Our aim has therefore been modified now, and we are in the process of creating something which all components of the Bournemouth community will, I hope, benefit from.

If you live or work within the 16 wards of the borough, get involved, simply and freely. Register your interest in our MMNN-Bournemouth Local Nature Network, with an email to mmnnbournemouth@gmail.com

Thank you Bournemouth, not only for your time whilst reading this, but also for changing the direction of the Moving Mountains initiative!

Developments for 2014

In view of the above, we have now revised our plans. It has been so hard making selections, but we have now decided to commence work next year on networks across the following 14 areas, based on the passion I have felt since MMNN was launched on 13/8/2013:

1. City of Edinburgh
2. Dundee City
3. Dovey Estuary
4. Leicester City, Blaby, Oadby & Wigston
5. Brightwell, Foxhall & Purdis Farm
6. Walsall
7. Bracknell Forest
8. Tower Hamlets
9. Cheshire West & Chester
10. Ealing
11. Croydon
12. City of York
13. Bedford Borough
14. Wolverhampton


We are still only 3 months old! We are young but we are forming policies that we believe will help meet biodiversity goals in 2020 and 2050, and pay respect to the incredible work of my hero, Sir David Attenborough.

We are therefore researching & promoting the following:

1. Permaculture (Including Agroforestry and Forest Gardens) via native systems. "Maya" will be the subject of our next article!
2. Natural Capital.
3. Energy for the world and Mother Nature, not for profit or politics.
4. The unsung heroes - those that are advancing Ecology and the study of Plants, Invertebrates and oceans. 
5. Initiatives that do not offset nature. There is no time for that! We just have to value it and regenerate urban scars. Our Geography is different to Australia and solutions should respect that fact.
6. Respect for our natural history: farming and woodland. We need to keep farming competitive, whilst recreating a landscape across 75% of the UK's land area that held the diversity of wildlife that I fell in love with as a child. What do I have to say about Woodland? We all know that it's great and worth protecting!!

Thank you.

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