Sunday, 18 August 2013

A New Dawn

Thanks to the caring attitudes of customer service staff, council officers, reserve and regional managers, Midlands bird bloggers, and the birders and residents of Smestow Valley LNR, this project has well and truly lifted off!!!

New members are being asked about what they see as the main challenges to the wildlife and bio-diversity of their "patch", and also why they feel that wildlife in the U.K. has declined at such an alarming rate over the last 40 years.

It's these "foot soldiers" on the ground, that often provide the biggest clues to the answers.

This project will protect wildlife by using success stories to protect other species and sites. For example surveys may identify strongholds of declining species like Willow Tit, so that there can be a greater understanding as to why they are vanishing from other sites.

By providing standardized information about the changing status of species on each member's patch, we can trigger early warning systems that feedback to the National Wildlife organisations and Universities so that studies and protection measures can be commissioned before it's too late.

By using the network to encourage members to learn about all areas of nature, more information will spring up on species, where records have not been previously been easily available.

The network, by linking with the National Wildlife organisations can increase the number of responses to surveys, carried out by them.

At the stage where a Patron and trustees are appointed the door will open for education through schools and places of worship, and funds can be raised for wildlife projects, using the growing strength from the network.

It's all win,win,win. An exciting new dawn rises.................

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