Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beyond Expectations!!!

15th August 2013

Two days into the project and the response has been simply fantastic!!

I sent a small batch of generic e-mails to local councils to test the water. I have been overwhelmed.

Firstly: those dreaded "thank you for your e-mail...we will respond in ....days"!! Well guess what? Most councils have responded well within their target time. Not only that but customer services had in most cases got my e-mail straight to the desk of those responsible for managing Parks, reserves and bio-diversity.

Furthermore I have had so much positive feedback and constructive comment.

This is an ambitious project, but already I am compiling a list of key people which are helping turn this dream into reality.

The friendly caring attitude shown by Natural England and the concern that Council's are showing with regard to the recording and protection of nature at their sites has been extraordinary.

And now the Midlands birding and nature network is rising to show their support.

Thank you to all of you that have taken time to understand and support this project. I shall make every effort to ensure that your interest has been for a successful and effective cause.

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