Saturday, 5 April 2014

ALL RISE!! Follow Your Natural Instincts!! - ALL is not well on Planet Earth!!!

Remember the recent Winter Storms? How can the UK coastal and flood-plain communities, that were affected, ever forget?

Now Let's go back to September 2006. George Monbiot from the excellent Guardian Environment team highlighted "The Denial Industry" - a network of fake citizens' groups and bogus scientific bodies that set back action on Climate Change by 10 years!

Have the "powers that be" learned, after tens of thousands suffered misery this winter (Sceptics: SHUT UP!!...750,000 homes lost power!!)? Despite the suffering, MPs have criticised the BBC for "false balance" in its Climate Change coverage!!

As you are aware, we halted ALL work on our local nature networks at the end of January this year. We were witnessing too much destruction and disregard for nature. MMNN Action UK was formed.

We want to send out warm thanks to over 4,000 individuals and organisations, that have joined us in a little over two months! You have more than justified our decision. Not only that, the interactions have COMPLETELY changed the format for our networks.

We have decided to produce a summary of our proposed methodology NOW. The reason is simple....Mankind does not have any time left to mess around. Almost a whole WASTEFUL decade has passed since George Monbiot's article.

Derby City Councillors marched all over The Sanctuary LNR, IGNORING public opinion. The Badger Cull is set to continue, IGNORING MPs AND PUBLIC OPINION. Ancient Woodland is now threatened in Sheffield, using the MONSTER that IS BIODIVERSITY OFFSETTING.

Let us be clear! This is not just a group of tree-huggers ranting on about Climate Change and the loss of cute animals. Our FOOD, WATER, AIR and HEALTH are at risk. Why? Well NATURE provides all of these - and we are destroying it, whilst consuming natural resources at a GROSSLY UNSUSTAINABLE rate. Ask the reapers of this world destruction what their answer is and they simply DON'T HAVE ONE!

Well, among us walk heroes and heroes in waiting, if only they can be well informed so that they can see and feel what we do. Hands up if you know what ECOSYSTEM SERVICES are? Hands up again if you know what NATURAL CAPITAL is?

Don't worry! If you don't know! It's simply because YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD!

Well check out the importance of NATURAL CAPITAL here and here

For ECOSYSTEM SERVICES check out the Governments information here (under "Farming" and produced for the Policy and decision makers that have done such a good job at looking after our children's world) You will find a more "user-friendly" explanation of ECOSYSTEM SERVICES here

Now! hands up if you think that these two terms are CRITICAL to us and our future generations!! Great!! ALL of you!! Now it's class over and get out there and change the world!!.... NO! sorry wait I haven't quite finished yet. We understand War, why didn't anybody bother telling us about NATURAL CAPITAL and ECOSYSTEM SERVICES?

Princess Anne will get to appear on the BBC to say that gassing Badgers, a practice that was outlawed in 1982 as being cruel, slow and ineffective, is acceptable, and yet there is not one single broadcast, health publication or government campaign that explains, to the masses, the VITAL LINK between biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and the survival of mankind!


Thank you Mid-Sussex District Council for saving Penland's farm and for listening to the community!

Thank you Babergh District Council, for also listening, and for setting a precedent where building developments in the exciting area of Renewable Energy MUST be appropriate to their sites.

To North Lanarkshire Council...please look at the children and families that are fighting to save their precious community green space. Industrial Units vs Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services ? it's an easy choice isn't it?

So here comes the summary of our methodology for the creation of local nature networks. There are several key players here:

1. YOU! YES YOU! You heard what I said! You don't need the cape or the mask (Although that suit looks cheeky and fun!), you are already the hero. You have the heart, you have the mind, you have a family to protect and you have the freewill and power to vote in the right guardian for mankind and nature.

2. The Wildlife Trusts. We have identified this group of 47 separate local trusts as being the critical protective wrapper in our networks. They watch over so many of our community spaces and reserves, and on the geeky ECOLOGY side, they help to protect and improve so much land area across "wild Britain" which is off reserve.They are not alone - there is a vast array of wildlife charities that look after everything from Mosses to top predators in the UK, doing their best to hold the fabric of nature together. They ALL need our support and participation (You can find most of them at the back of the STATE OF NATURE report here)

3. Natural England. Often misunderstood, we must appreciate that their role is purely one of ADVISER to the government. Therefore, their effectiveness as "wildlife-warriors"  is dependent on how green the "suits" at the top are, as voted in by YOU.

4. Green Councillors and MPs. Find them and support them! The stone is hard to shift at first, but these are the real "action heroes", fighting within a political system, which history and the STATE OF NATURE report shows to be inherently destructive. It is these protectors for the people that will get the ball rolling. Please don't fall for that UKIP "people's party" rubbish. Read how much they cared about flood defences, whilst wading  through the floods this year here. Poor quality link? Well take a quick look at the Financial Times here. Oh and banning all teaching of global warming being caused by carbon dioxide emissions - good look with that one! Bad link again? Well try this one. Don't let frustration cast your vote into the unknown come May 22nd 2014. If you are serious about climate change and the good of all, take a look at this broadcast from The Green Party and study their vision for Britain here. By the way, we are not attached to ANY political party, and will crowd fund to maintain our independence in the future! In fact, as regulars are aware, we are watching with interest the "Green in Red" political movement. Everyone has a chance... but nobody will have a chance unless NATURE has a strong political representation soon. The Green Party have helped MMNNActionUK.

5. Project Maya - Scientists on a mission to save the world, using the principles of Permaculture. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the power of permaculture is to look at the work of Sepp Holzer who was applying these techniques to farming almost 50 years ago, long before the term itself was created:

Permaculture goes way beyond farming methods - it is a way of life, from living roofs and recycling to running community "eco" shops and providing for the poor and needy: a pure life of harmony between communities and nature, for the good of all.

We would strongly advise that everyone learns more about this movement and spreads the word. You can find out more by visiting The Permaculture Association UK site here and The Project Maya site here. In case you were wondering whether permaculture can survive in the world of economics, please take a look at the work of Brett Scott here

In 2010, The Telegraph explained why Permaculture is more relevant than ever here

Now to reveal the model which is designed to help the NGOs and green communities to quite literally SAVE THE WORLD!!:

Our MMNN Action UK campaign is revealing time after time, the need for community groups to work with the wildlife NGOs. This will provide a ring of steel to add to the community's own passion and conviction with regard to the protection of green spaces. All groups should find and engage their local Wildlife Trust as a matter of course here. Anyone at Sanctuary LNR Derby, will vouch for the importance of such an association. Don't wait for a threat to arise, because in most cases, this is TOO LATE.

In addition form a harmonic bond with nature by declaring your community green spaces as "Maya Reserves". This will extend community benefits, provide a sustainable society for future generations and attract greater participation and support for your valued sites, no matter how big or small they are (even a roof-top garden qualifies for Maya reserve status, if it is valued and enjoyed by a community).

Between now and the May elections, we are remaining focused on our MMNN Action UK campaign.

To all readers that care for nature and a secure future for people and planet, we would really appreciate your help in 3 areas:

1. Provide feedback, either by way of comment on this blog, or by email to This will be extremely useful when we get back to work on our local networks.

2. Use your voice and vote for nature and for those Councillors and MEPs that will give nature a strong voice and so protect the world for our family lines. Don't throw votes at those who are just hoping to benefit from voter frustration.

3. If you do agree with our methods, then there is no need to wait for us. The method is there. Go, armed with the understanding of nature's TRUE worth to protect and enhance your beautiful and important green spaces. If you don't have a community group, then form one. There is plenty of help around you.

David Cameron talked of the "Big Society". Such a shame that a "Big Society" will now rise mainly to SAVE THE WORLD!! Heroes in waiting...the lot of you.......

Mr. Cameron....please help two "Big Societies" - Save Smithy Wood, Sheffield and Viewpark Glen, North Lanarkshire....both communities have produced their just needs you to win our hearts by listening to them. Intervention commands respect when it is done for a gallant cause. Get a proper debate on the Badger Cull, where all reports and scientific documents are made available please. Saving our vanishing grasslands  and protecting Ancient Woodlands would represent major steps towards your 2020 biodiversity commitments as well! A hero in waiting for the good of all?