A child's view on the Value of Nature

I have helped a boy who is 9 today to learn and understand about wildlife and it's importance to us.

Sometimes the words of a pure child can be far more powerful than anything that us grown-ups can say.

Aryan keeps a Journal and I was so surprised, when I arrived yesterday, and saw what he had written:

my intake on nature

I think that all nature is wonderful after all if it wasn't hear neither would we and one day the sun will explode however if by a certain time that hasn't happened then the planet will run out of resources and there will be war for everything and none will have peace nothing will be safe and we will have to go back to living in the caveman times and yet this time the earth wont adapt to having villages then cities and loads of them too but we will go back to the caveman times and we will never be able to come back into what were living in now... EVER!     
So something needs to happen or the earth will go downhill. If your a good person then you would be doing things like recycling and green buses even electric cars are seen more often but some hate nature like cutting trees down, killing animals and the rest of it but some people won't change and cant so we need to try and convince people to do good things because it doesn't matter if you pretend because gods looking down on us so you've got choose where you want to go hell where the devil lives or heaven where all good people go and and where god lives to enjoy peace and happiness. So who knows maybe if your a really good person then you might come back to life in another life form or just as human, after all life is a gift within itself !

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