Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Progress Report and Update

A week has passed and it's time to reflect and update members and recipients of the project information:

To members:

Thank you for returning your Welcome forms. The reaction from bio-diversity officers and green space managers across the country has certainly given this project the thumbs up, so what was an idea is now a robust and expanding network. I did not honestly think I would be reporting this after just one week.

This means that I can now go back to all of the national wildlife organisations, behind the ground-breaking STATE OF NATURE report. 

For each organisation I shall be offering the network as a source for distributing and increasing the uptake of their National Surveys.

I shall also be obtaining information from these organisations as to which habitats, species and other areas (for example data on historical woodland management events) we need more information on, so that we can help them with their work

I shall be obtaining information from biodiversity officers, as to what help we can provide in terms of filling gaps in records, and creation of standardized repeat surveys.

I shall also in due course be requesting information from the archives of member sites. Don't worry, this will be in simple form and for the non-resourced bloggers and patch watchers on our network, it can be submitted on-line so there are no costs involved.

Thank you to all our membership for adopting this initiative so swiftly.

To those who have received Welcome Forms:

Please send them back as soon as possible. Any queries please do not hesitate to e-mail me.Where multiple sites are managed, blogged or watched, please submit a separate form for each site.

You will be warmly welcomed to the network and your involvement really will make a difference to the state of nature in the U.K and will help to meet bio-diversity management objectives.

To those who have received details introducing the Moving Mountains Nature Network:

Thank you to all the customer service teams across the country. To have relayed the information or sign-posted me so swiftly is a great credit to you all. Thank you.

If you have received the information and support this project, please email me with details of your sites or contacts and I will issue your welcome forms. I have amended my own objectives as a result of the initial response to this initiative. It would be great now, if we can reach a membership of 500 by the time the national wildlife organisations have informed me as to how this network can specifically help them.

Please spread the word. With your help, we really can make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to go through my submission.

For those who have yet to receive information regarding the Moving Mountains Nature Network:

I would estimate that I have only circularized, perhaps 3% of the U.K's points of contact in regard to our green spaces so far, and an even smaller amount of bloggers and patch-watchers, which really does show the potential for this network.

If you have stumbled across this site or heard about the project on the grape-vine, all information regarding the network is here, including how to join in.

With the exception of one individual, who sadly purports to cover the area where I watched wildlife as a child, all responses have been either positive or constructive, but in all cases it has been gratefully received.

Thank you all, you give so much light to a new dawn.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

A New Dawn

Thanks to the caring attitudes of customer service staff, council officers, reserve and regional managers, Midlands bird bloggers, and the birders and residents of Smestow Valley LNR, this project has well and truly lifted off!!!

New members are being asked about what they see as the main challenges to the wildlife and bio-diversity of their "patch", and also why they feel that wildlife in the U.K. has declined at such an alarming rate over the last 40 years.

It's these "foot soldiers" on the ground, that often provide the biggest clues to the answers.

This project will protect wildlife by using success stories to protect other species and sites. For example surveys may identify strongholds of declining species like Willow Tit, so that there can be a greater understanding as to why they are vanishing from other sites.

By providing standardized information about the changing status of species on each member's patch, we can trigger early warning systems that feedback to the National Wildlife organisations and Universities so that studies and protection measures can be commissioned before it's too late.

By using the network to encourage members to learn about all areas of nature, more information will spring up on species, where records have not been previously been easily available.

The network, by linking with the National Wildlife organisations can increase the number of responses to surveys, carried out by them.

At the stage where a Patron and trustees are appointed the door will open for education through schools and places of worship, and funds can be raised for wildlife projects, using the growing strength from the network.

It's all win,win,win. An exciting new dawn rises.................

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beyond Expectations!!!

15th August 2013

Two days into the project and the response has been simply fantastic!!

I sent a small batch of generic e-mails to local councils to test the water. I have been overwhelmed.

Firstly: those dreaded "thank you for your e-mail...we will respond in ....days"!! Well guess what? Most councils have responded well within their target time. Not only that but customer services had in most cases got my e-mail straight to the desk of those responsible for managing Parks, reserves and bio-diversity.

Furthermore I have had so much positive feedback and constructive comment.

This is an ambitious project, but already I am compiling a list of key people which are helping turn this dream into reality.

The friendly caring attitude shown by Natural England and the concern that Council's are showing with regard to the recording and protection of nature at their sites has been extraordinary.

And now the Midlands birding and nature network is rising to show their support.

Thank you to all of you that have taken time to understand and support this project. I shall make every effort to ensure that your interest has been for a successful and effective cause.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Project Begins

13th August 2013

After months of development, today the project has finally got off the ground.

Every organisation that helped to create The State of Nature Report has been contacted, and with the kind assistance provided by Natural England from the outset, a clear method for contacting prospective members of the network has been devised.

The plan now is to reach the target of 500 members as soon as possible, so that co-ordinated nature recording and surveys can commence, in order to assist future reports on the U.K's state of nature.

Once we reach 500 members an organisation, patron or trustee will be appointed to manage fund-raising and education through schools.

If you regularly watch and record wildlife on your local "patch" please join the network now so that we can move quickly towards a common goal.

Thank you